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How do we get notificaitons that an update is happening? Pinned
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Community Hub Badges Pinned Featured
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Chromebook Minecraft EDU Freezing on Load Pinned
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M1 Macbook - Global resources reset error Pinned
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Code connection error Pinned
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Reminder: Community Guidelines Pinned
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"Defend the Village" Can't get blocks to build the wall.
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Sign in Issue
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Timeout session
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Technical problem
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Stock on DOWNLOAD screen
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Technical problems
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I can not deop friends that join my world
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Issues Joining World, please help
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Wearing Armour in Minecraft EE
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World wiped after update
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Minecraft education 1.18.45 crashing chromebook
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Minecraft Education license
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Export Worlds
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School Internet
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I can't remove this texture pack
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Website not loading lesson previews
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Screen Jumps Back to center
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something aint working
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