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The server is disconnected when the MEE window is minimized Pinned
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Known Issue with Code Builder (September 27th 2021) Pinned
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Open Port 19132 to help with multiplayer Pinned
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Reminder: Community Guidelines Pinned
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How do I get Multiplayer to work when I'm logged in from home? Pinned Featured
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My MEE is not setting up
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Problem With game items
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AADSTS50020 error
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Minecraft education edition
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Cannot log in into game
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Error AADSTS51004 - Account does not exist
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my post is about the problem we have been having
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Minecraft Edu Licence
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How to extract data? (disappeared file)
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3D export not showing all blocks
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End not working
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File not Marked for Installtion
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Python Coding: Island 3; Activity 3
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Python Island 4
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Problem with Arrays panel
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My Minecraft Education is not setting up
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MEE not letting me sign in
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Cant remove shield
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I can't sign into minecraft education edition
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Error access denied when installing
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Kicked out of my world
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