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The MOBILE, MULTIPLAYER, AND MORE Release (version 1.18.32) is Live! Pinned Featured
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M1 Macbook - Global resources reset error Pinned
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Code connection error Pinned
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Reminder: Community Guidelines Pinned
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Unapproved Content
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Black Screen on minecraft(*)
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Error "P2P/SIG: no_sessions()"
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No sound from app
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Student's account doesn't exist
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Major glitches
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Minecraft unable to connect to world
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Code is not compiling / running
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Can't log in - email address format?
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Minecraft education edition wont open
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Leaping Salmon: Not sure if this is a Bug?
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Unable to login to Minecraft on a Chromebook
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Wrong language
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Chromebooks not communicating
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Subject Kits/Lessons not Loading
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French world won’t load, keeps failing
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my game
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Coding not working
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