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Global resources reset error Pinned
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Reminder: Community Guidelines Pinned
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Can't type in the code builder
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M1 Macbook - Global resources reset error
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Villagers not spawning
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worlds didnt save
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On Player Jump function doesnt work
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hosting multiple worlds concurrently
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Can't sign into my commercial ME account
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The Oregon Trail
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Game Glitch, won’t sign out.
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Can't Play
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account switch detected
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Web browser does not support Java Script.
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Minecraft is freezing when i open it
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wont let me sign in with my school email
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Licensed account not recognized
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Can’t place or remove blocks
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More of a bug
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Minecraft keys sticking
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Mon badge n'est pas visible
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Accessing saved worlds
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Not working
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Mouse issues
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When I sign in the game crashes
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Random Pop Ups?
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