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The server is disconnected when the MEE window is minimized Pinned
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Known Issue with Code Builder (September 27th 2021) Pinned
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Open Port 19132 to help with multiplayer Pinned
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Reminder: Community Guidelines Pinned
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How do I get Multiplayer to work when I'm logged in from home? Pinned Featured
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education edition texture packs
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I can't login
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Black screen or Flashing screen on Chromebook
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Students can't log in after 1.14.50 Update
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Structure Block "Modes"
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World Painter in minecraft edu
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"unable to connect to world"
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GOAT Beta Technical Issues and Bug Reports
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Screen flickering and black screen
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iPad Unable to access library *COMMUNITY HELP NEEDED* Under consideration
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Minecraft EE - Unable to connect to world
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Woodland Mansions in Minecraft Education Edition
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Custom Player Head
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How do I activate achievements?
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Students can't connect
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How Can a player or a friend join your game
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Minecraft Education Edition will not let me sign in
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Minecraft Badges
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