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Location of Computer Science Tutorials Pinned
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Minecraft Agent Not Moving
1 Votes 25 Comments
def player_chat(message):
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How to Execute code from Agent's position?
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HOUR OF CODE 2022 bug
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How to create a delay in NPC "chat" with command blocks?
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Python Islands 5 if-elif not working
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Code not running
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Minecraft item ID list?
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Doesn't mcpi work in Minecraft Education Edition?
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How to rotate blocks of stairs in any direction?
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NPC spawn eggs problem
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Student's can't program agent in our clasroom world.
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How to check for items in an item frame?
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block ids with multiple data values
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code builder issues
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In game Builder (blocks) nerfed
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make custom blocks in classroom
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"Agent till" block won't work
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Code Builder Not Opening when "C" is used
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NBT Tags
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Can't run code builder commans
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How do i enable pvp in a specific area
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Command blocks not appearing in certain world
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