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  • Dominick Support Team

    Hello! Can you tell me what MacOS version you are running? Depending on the OS this is a known issue, and you may need to open a ticket with us at the right of your post by clicking the gear icon and select submit a ticket. Basically, older OS versions can't run the new client version 1.17 and will need to be dropped back to the older version. The best action is to update your OS if you are able and see if that fixes the issue. Let me know your findings. 

  • Andrew L Support Team
    Expert (Gold)

    Hi there Dana Ozbek. I'm sorry to hear about the issue with the app crashing when you access it. In this case I recommend the following:

    • Remove any mods, skins, or texture packs - Minecraft: Education Edition is not compatible with these.
    • Make sure that your device's firewall / virus scan has Minecraft: Education Edition exempted from being blocked.
    • Make sure you've updated your Operating System.


    Let us know if you are still having trouble after this.

  • Dana Ozbek

    Dominick My computer is on MacOS High Sierra version 10.13.6.  It is quite old, but a couple of days ago it worked when using MEE with my friends on 1.17 but yesterday it didn't work again.

  • Dominick Support Team

    I created a ticket for you to further troubleshoot this. It sounds like your OS version is not compatible to work with our new client version. Try updating your OS if you can.

  • Debbie Alexander Community moderator
    Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Moderator

    Dominick The docs are pretty out of date, but this one is only 3 months old:

    The special instructions for Mac, Chrome and PC are from before the GOAT entirely at this point. I know everyone is still hard at work getting the newest update up to snuff. It's just another thing for the list. =]


  • Dominick Support Team

    I'll send this to Justin to see what he thinks about getting this updated. Thanks, Debbie, for all that you're doing!


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