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100% CPU then Game Crash



  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    Does this issue occur with other worlds as well, or just this specific one? I would try opening up task manager and closing all other apps that can be closed. When the CPU goes to 100% is it listed Minecraft Education at a very high value while everything else is low? 

  • David Carr

    Any world I use any commands in at all begins experiencing that fatal flaw even if I don't continue using commands after the first. I have already closed as many other programs and apps as possible, I have also set Minecraft EE to the highest value.

    Edit: I ran a test based on the above suggestion, here are the results.

    This is a fresh world and I used only 3 commands.

    /TP s 0 70 0 

    /gamemode s creative


    the game seems to be pulling as much CPU as possible

    I set a timer, the game crashed within 10 minutes.


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