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Music Problem



  • Elijah Rhyne

    I have the same problem too. The reason why is that Minecraft EDU is built off Minecraft Bedrock edition. And to listen to music on Minecraft Bedrock, you have to download a pack that allows you too listen to music. Since there's no Marketplace on Minecraft EDU, the music won't work. Hopefully Mojang will fix this in the next Minecraft EDU update.

  • Kirstyn Traynor

    Same, Kinda annoying.

    Same in Mc bedrock/pe which makes sense why it isn't working on edu because mc edu is basically mc bedrock with a few new blocks/Items.


  • Dreyden Varao

    I have this same problem. I spent lots of time getting all of the music discs with my classmates and when I go to listen to them all I hear nothing. I decideid to open my browser and play minecraft theme music.

    I hope Mojang fixes this soon.

  • Kenia Brown


  • Mason winters

    Minecraft EDU has updated to 1.17, still no music

  • Gavin McNeely

    Just tried to play some music discs but i couldn't hear anything so i'm just wondering when we are gonna get sound

  • Natnael Biniam

    Music cannot play at all. I can hear noises from the player(s)  but no music. 

  • Aleece Landis
    Expert (Gold)

    Well, on windows 10 version in the 1.17.31 update.  Note blocks and music disks seem to be working for me now.

  • Yahya Ansari

    i know i cant hear anyting from the music disk can you please fix it

  • Dan Noble Community moderator
    Minecraft Certified Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Moderator

    It's a bug in the latest release... seem to only be an issue on chromebooks from what I've seen. 


  • Dominick Support Team

    You can always try the Beta we currently have running to see if that resolves the jukebox issue. Take a look at this post about the Beta: Minecraft: Education Edition Beta program – Minecraft: Education Edition Support

  • twttl gaming

    the noteblocks are ok for me just the jukebox


    Yeah same im in beta rn and juke boxes don't work idk when there gonna fix it.

  • بدر عسيري

     ماتشتغل ماين كرافت التليميت


  • Cat Otter

    i want music discs to be fixed so i can do pigstep

  • Michael nugent

    I'm in beta its not working at all how do i fix it

  • Andrew L Support Team
    Expert (Gold)

    Hi there Michael nugent and Cat Otter Music discs as presented in Minecraft: Bedrock and Java are not available in Minecraft: Education Edition.


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