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Frequent whole class "Cannot join world" issues since the latest update.



  • Andrew L

    Hi there Joz Leschi, I'm sorry to hear that there is so much trouble connecting. Are all of your students trying to connect at the same time? It may help to have your students sign in a few at a time so that they're not overwhelming your device trying to connect. It's also good to make sure that at the start of every new session players restart Minecraft: Education Edition fresh. Let us know if this helps, and if you continue having difficulty please feel free to open up a ticket.

  • Joz Leschi


    Thanks for your prompt reply.


    As my students differ very much in their literacy and ICT skills, their log in and world join times are naturally staggered over 10 mins. It is also not the problem of a few not being able to join, it is always "all can join each other or none can". They can sign in though. This leads me to believe that this is a MEE problem, not a hardware or internet problem. This has only happened since this update, and was an issue since day 1 of the update.

    As our laptops are shared between classes, and I am the only teacher in my school who uses MEE, Minecraft is always started fresh when we use it.

    I will submit it as a ticket, as my troubleshooting and testing points overwhelmingly to this latest update as the cause.

  • Kyle M

    Hello Joz Leschi,

    We have a ticket for you on this exact same message. Let's continue to troubleshoot there. Thanks!


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