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Create world template



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    Kyle M

    Hello Giulio,

    Thanks for posting. These types of processes can get a little tricky. If you take this over to  we may be able to better help

  • Giulio Bonanome

    Thanks, did that and found a super clear tutorial by EduElfie

    I try to summarize here the video tutorial:

    1. Create and save a world that will became a template. Before saving remember to clear your inventory and set the spawnpoint wherever you want
    2. Export the world, exit minecraft and locate it in your computer
    3. Rename the .mcworld file exported in .zip and extract its content
    4. Open the folder with the extracted content and create a new file called manifest.json with the following template
         "format_version" : 1,
         "header" : {
            "description" : "DESCRIPTION HERE",
            "name" : "NAME HERE",
            "uuid" : "b8cea4a2-f311-459e-a0bd-692c8602956e",
            "version" : [ 1, 0, 0 ]
         "metadata" : {
            "authors" : [ "YOU DID THIS" ],
            "url" : "YOUR WEBSITE HERE"
         "modules" : [
               "description" : "Not Needed",
               "type" : "world_template",
               "uuid" : "23168ea1-9707-4a8c-88e5-08ae93ec083f",
               "version" : [ 1, 0, 0 ]
    5. Replace the uppercase part in description, name, authors and url with your information
    6. Replace the two uuid with a unique id, you can use this site to generate them
    7. Save the manifest.json file
    8. Compress the folder and rename the compressed .zip file in .mctemplate

    Now you can double-click on it and open in Minecraft: Education Edition. TIP: You can delete a world tempalte only from the Storage panel under Settings.

    Thanks a lot to EduElfie for the youtube tutorial and the help on Discord forum :)

  • Gabriella Pearl

    can you create ur own template with an image u downloaded off of the internet? mostly bc im trying to recreate the quidditch pitch from harry potter



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