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MakeCode and Minecraft EE


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  • Ernie Support

    Hey Rose,

    Sorry to hear you're running into this issue.
    The immediate question that comes to mind is "Are all of the students using the same type of device?"
    If they are using different devices, let me know and we can check the specs of the struggling devices.

    Next, does this usually just occur in multiplayer games, or single player worlds as well?

    In the meantime, here is a few things to change in the video settings that may help:

    • Turn off Fancy Leaves
    • Turn off Render Clouds
    • Turn off Beautiful Skies
    • Turn off Smooth Lighting
    • Turn off Fancy Graphics
    • Decrease the Render Distance to 6

    Also, make sure there's no other unnecessary programs running in the background while using Minecraft Education.


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