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Accessing world on different accounts on PC



  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    You can try setting up a shared network folder, give access to the teachers for that folder, and export the worlds there. You can also export the world to be shared to Google Drive and other online sources that teachers have access to. Being on the device only they will not be able to see it unless the world was created by a student on that device. Teacher accounts with proper permissions can see all worlds created on a device by students only. I hope this information helps. 

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Hi, Carl Fox - It sounds like you have a great plan in place for your school! If you have a world that several classes will use, I am assuming each class will use them independently. In other words, you aren't all going to put your students together into one huge world over the course of several class periods or days. Instead, each class will make use of the same world over and over as a copy of a world resource, just as if it were a lesson world on the Minecraft Webpages. Am I getting this right?

    If that's the case, you can simply share the world in the same way you share a document, as a file. 

    But I think you are wondering about the student experience, having access to the world? What I do for 4th grade and up  is share the world in our classroom management software ( we use Google Classroom.) They all download the world. For the youngest grades, I put the file on the desktop of a common login and they all log into that account for these events. Depending on the situation, I go old school and keep several flash drives with the world on it. This way, for 3rd grade or so, I can email a world, but if they struggle, I have an easy backup to get them a copy.

    We used to have a shared network folder for sharing files, but space demands and our server's age have killed all that. I am looking forward to our conversion to Active Directory in the cloud - I am pretty sure I will be able push out files like that to the desktops. If I figure it out I will be a pretty happy camper, and I will come back and share!
    I hope my rambling is in some small way helpful. =] Good luck!

  • Carl Fox

    Many thanks for your reply.  Ultimately my idea is that every class has its own virtual classroom, which follows them through the years showing progress.  The teacher will have the world on their computer and host it to the children in the class.  But there are times when other teachers need to cover, and they need to sign into the computer on their accounts.  All worlds are initially saved in Teams or OneDrive, but once the initial teacher imports their world to use, other teachers will not have access.  The only way I can see it is the teachers have to import the world, do what is done, then save and export it back to the online storage for the next teacher having to repeat the action if they have to cover.  This is time consuming and at risk of something going wrong.  The only other option is the covering teacher to access the initial teachers computer account.  I was hoping that as all word files are saved to the C:Drive there is a way the world can be accessed on a teaching accounts with all changes happening.


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