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"Defend the Village" Can't get blocks to build the wall.



  • Jason Kries
    Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    It sounds like you are not in creative mode.

    Can you change the world settings to be in creative mode?


    No, However, I was able to copy the world then change the settings in the copied world. I was trying to avoid doing that for every student. Also, I thought that I was missing something in the world as it is. It has hearts and food. I was thinking we were to gather materials, put them in chests and barrels, and maybe work in teams of gatherers and builders.

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    ROCKY SULKA - It sounds like a wonderful lesson you have planned! I did peek around on my iPad. I agree that the "pick" function - the ability to target a block and pull it into your hotbar - is unavailable in the iPad easily. The only way would be to add a keyboard or controller, unless I am missing something. I use the pick command all of the time, myself, so I would miss that one. 
    I do teach my kinders how to use the inventory early on. We make arrays when they first learn to build. But finding a particular block is awfully tricky sometimes! Let us know how it goes! Screenies and classroom pics always welcome!

  • Nehemiah Flowers

    Have you tried to turn off the "immutable world setting? that's why you cant place anything.


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