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Commans in CodeBuilder cannot be edited (variables, coordinates, text, etc.)



  • Debbie Alexander Community moderator
    Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Moderator

    Hi, Yury Herasimovich - I am working on a Mac here right now and can troubleshoot a bit. PLease help me reproduce your problem precisely. I will be 1.) In Minecraft 2.) Choose Codebuilder from C or from the Chat command window (let me know) and I will 3.) Choose MakeCode Blocks? (let me know) 

    I'd love to help! Coder and coding teachers must stick together! =]

    ************* edit ****************

    I tried entering code builder both ways, and I have used MakeCode Blocks and Python Notebooks with no problems. One thing that arises with Macs is that they do not automatically update to latest MC versions. Can you check their versions?

    Howvever an issue that arose with the GOAT update was that the blocks for some Mac users became "sticky" - you would pick them up and be unable to put them down, so please stay with us. We'd like to understand and help if we can!

  • Yury Herasimovich

    So my students had such a problem when they were in minecraft, they opened Codebuilder from C, in any project they created, when placing a command block, they could not change it. Neither the name of the chat command, nor selecting the variable, nor changing the coordinates and etc.


  • Penny Support Team
    Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Support Team Member

    Andrew L

  • Yury Herasimovich

    Yeah, sticky blocks is the problem that occures



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