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Difficulty joining worlds



  • Paul Pileggi

    After some more testing, I have identified one specific user that cannot join other student-created wolds and students cannot join their world either.

    This student can join a world created by me the instructor and I can join their world...

    Is there something I can look for with this user's account to see what is restricting them?

  • Remy Moreau

    We figured this out too. You need to make sure that all of the devices have the new update. If that doesn't work have your students re-load the game pin.

  • Remy Moreau

    try going into the app. The new update has a black background with white loading when they log on.the updated version is above. updated can't join non updated. 







    What was the error massage? Outdated server or unable to connect

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Paul Pileggi - did you double-check to be sure they were logging in with the school domain account? (the right email?)

    Did they try with the same email from a different device?

    Let us know, and thanks for looking out for your student!

  • WonHong Pyo

    Occasionally, it is not a Minecraft update problem, but a problem such as updating iPad settings and updating password, or refreshing due to loss of communication between MDM and iPad, so please check those parts as well.


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