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Warning! Project Auto-Save Disabled



  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Knowledge Support

    Hi Julie Colglazier, this isn't an error I've seen before.  Could you capture a screenshot so I can see where it's appearing?

  • Julie Colglazier

    We believe it has to do with the students profile.  Our IT person had to delete the students profile, then it worked again.  When he went into the students profile, he said each student's profile was very large. So he thinks they just ran out of room to store anything else.   Hope this helps anyone that comes up with this error.   Thank you

  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Knowledge Support

    Thanks for the update Julie!  I'm glad you were able to solve this.

  • Dmytro Ivanenko

    I have the same problem: my Code Builder shows me following message:
    "Warning! Project Auto-Save Disabled."

    How to fix this and continue to autosave all my current and future projects?
    Will be gratefull for your help!

  • Ernie Support

    Hey Dmytro,

    As suggested above, it looks like you may have ran out of storage space within codebuilder.
    Theres a few things you can try:

    •  First, try deleting the cache 

    Follow these steps to clear your cache inside code builder.

      1. From the code interface, select More ().
      2. Select Reset.

      If you are using a Windows device, you can follow these steps:

      1. Close Minecraft Education.
      2. Open File Explorer and navigate to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp.
        Note: USERNAME refers to the user account used to log in to the device, not the sign in for Minecraft Education.
      3. Locate the minecraftpe.
      4. Rename or delete the minecraftpe.
      5. Relaunch Minecraft Education. If Code Builder
      • If clearing the cache does not work, you may need to delete some of your older coding projects that you are no longer using.
      • If deleting the cache and coding projects still do not fix the issue, you may need to resort to what the user above did and have your profile recreated (Make sure to back up your worlds before hand!!!)
    • Dmytro Ivanenko

      Hi Ernie,

      Thanks a lot for your valued recommendations!


      Will try to apply.


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