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Hello Penny! Need some help!



  • Dominick Support Team

    I will try to assist you. To get the newest version, you can uninstall the current version and redownload here: Download | Minecraft Education Edition. If you have issues running this is might be due to your computers OS and that will need updated as well. You can also move the download file to your desktop and run as admin to see if that helps. 

  • Vedant Pawar

    Hello Penny! My problem is that I was loading a world and i got out immediately which made my Minecraft glitch so I uninstall and reinstall but then all my worlds were gone is there anything I can do?

  • Dominick Support Team

    I'm sorry to hear that you can't find your world.  It sounds like the world may have been corrupted when you logged out. If you're using a PC, you may still be able to find the world files here:

    C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Minecraft Education Edition\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds

    If you are on another platform try searching "com.mojang"

    The tricky part of this is that the world folders are listed with a "GUID", which is a series of letters and numbers that don't correlate to the world name that you'd recognize.  Here what I would suggest finding the world and see if you can still open it:

    1. sort the minecraftWorlds folder by date and try to pinpoint the time you were last in the world
    2. open the folder that has a date/time close to the last time you were in the world
    3. open the file called "levelname.txt" in a text editor to see the name of the world.  If it's the world you are looking for, close the file and move to the next step
    4. copy the entire folder for this world to your desktop, or another convenient location
    5. open the folder in this new location, select all of the files in the directory, right click and then select "Send to Compressed (zipped) folder"
    6. A new file with extension ".zip" will show up in this folder.  Move this .zip file to the desktop, or another convenient location
    7. Rename the .zip file to "[WORLDNAME].mcworld" - WORLDNAME is a name you choose that is recognizeable to you
    8. Double click on this file, and Minecraft: Education Edition will launch
    9. If you get an error about the import process, send us the [WORLDNAME].mcworld file.  Our support team can take a look and let you know if we are able to recover it. 

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