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Code Builder on iPad



  • Joe Man

    Hi there, I've come across something similar when using the normal code builder (MakeCode). Turned out the student's iPad was low on storage so whenever he tried to load the code builder, the whole game would freeze and the code builder refused to load (get a blank white screen). You could try checking if it's the same issue for you. GL.

  • Jennifer Anderson

    Joe Man Thank you for the advice. We will check that out. The game doesn't freeze, just code builder goes blank. If we go back in the tutorial it opens in other locations. That is scary if it requires that much storage. Every single teacher we have tried this with runs into the same error in the same location. 128GB iPads and new in the last 2 years. :( 

  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Knowledge Support

    Hi Jennifer Anderson thanks for reporting this.  We have a known issue that the engineering team is looking into now.  Andrew-L could you make sure you update this post with the status as we learn more?  Thanks!


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