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chunks/dimensions not loading



  • Dan Noble

    Hi Jim S

    Sounds to me (at least with the information provided) that it's more of a performance issue. What kind of device are you running on and what kind of specs does it have? 


  • Factorial ​13

    Adding on to Dan Noble decreasing your render distance can help with performance.

    Settings > General > Video > Render distance 

    Then reduce it to 8 chunks.

    If your stuck try minimizing the screen then maximizing it again.


  • Jim S

    Dan Noble I am not too sure of the performance, but i point to the fact that i have been using this computer to play edu for nearly 2 months prior, and have not experienced such lag in those 2 months. I feel pretty confident in saying that i have only come across as many instances of chunks not loading and dimensions doing the same in those 2 months as i had in the aforementioned 40 minutes of gameplay.


    as for the render distance, i tried that, lowering my rd to 10 chunks and then seeing if it loaded more smoothly. Although it did load some chunks more smoothly, the chunks would continue to load in invisible from time to time.

  • Dan Noble

    Hmm. Are you experiencing the issue in one world or in all worlds you have on your system? I'm wondering if there's some sort of corruption going on in the specific world. 

    Are you able to export the .mcworld file and try it on another system? 

  • Jim S

    Dan Noble It has happened in 2 of my worlds, so it seems like it isnt a world corruption issue (although both were newly created)

    I am able to export, although I am unable to run minecraft edu on any other device

  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Are there any worlds where this is NOT happening? Lately.  Trying to pin down if this is an overall problem with Minecraft or your system.  Or if it is a problem just with newly generated worlds?

    Is there any NEW software running on the device now that might be causing conflicts or performance issues? Might be time for a clean up of extraneous files and make sure only applications that are needed are being loaded at startup.  And try bringing render distance down to the bare minimum and test it again.

  • 13F FFAFS

    I found this is fixed by minimizing and maximizing the screen. 

    This does not seem to be a performance issue.

    On my chromebook, I am easily able to load dimensions however sometimes I get glitched chunks and unloading dimensions.

    I have no other software


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