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NPC and command_block cannot interact with any Agent



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    Kyle M

    Thanks for posting. Are you using MakeCode or Tynker?

  • I have the same issue. Wanted to make a button that teleported my agent to a specific location. Command works when typed in manually, but not using a command block. 

    There are lot of valid reasons for command blocks and NPC's to interact with the agent(s). I would love for this to work. Would introduce lots of interesting plays. Also it would be possible to make a world with mechanisms that works for all players without any coding from the start. 

    Here is what I wanted to do: 

    I wanted to make a closed space for the player with vision from a high location, and only let the agent move around in the world. The idea was to make the players do everything with the player and not "cheat". But I wanted a button to teleport the agent to the inside of the closed space for inventory reasons. Guess I need to look for other solutions. 

  • Marcin

    Have same problem. 

    This command can help to reset agent to proper position. (trying to achieve "radio" reset presented in official education edition coding FUNdamentals lessons.

    Did someone managed "work_around" for that issue?  

  • AdamS


    Thanks for checking up on this again and reaching out. Currently you still cannot officially use a command block or NPC to interact with agents. 


    You can use execute command with tp like this --> execute @p ~ ~ ~ tp @c -44 4 20

  • Marcin Kowalski

    Thank you, that works !


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