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Opening Downloaded MEE Worlds Onto iPad



  • Kyle M

    Hi Jack,

    We actually have a known issue on iOS 1.13 right now. Sorry for the trouble, it should be fixed in our upcoming November release.

  • Barbara Seaton

    Ok - so It's not just me. I thought I had a work around for sharing worlds with my class. We placed the world in a google classroom but when the kids tried to open it on their ipads - they didn't get minecraft as an option ;-( 

    Is there a quick n easy way to share a world with ipads?

    Also - As the teacher, I had the world open on my ipad and produced a share code. The kids used the code but still couldn't access my world. I feel that shouldn't have happened.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Jo Inge Fjellstad


    Any updates on this issue with opening worlds on iPadOS 13.x? 

    It is somewhat past the November release, and the zendesk known issues article is also last uptated in November ...

    Any known work-arounds?

  • Steven Sulgit

    I haven't been able to find a workaround yet, Jo.

    I'm still encountering this issue on Air2, Gen5, and Gen6 Shared Mode iPads on iOS 13.1+; you can export a .mcworld file but cannot upload it from a remote source(iCloud, GDrive) via Share Sheet. iOS 12 doesn't seem to be an issue to my experience.


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