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Simple setting of boundaries



  • Official comment
    Kyle M

    Thanks for sharing Thomas! Have you thought about using the agent to set the blocks for you?

  • The Agent cannot set allow/deny/border blocks unless this has been changed in the latest update. 

  • While I agree, this would be a great addition, in the mean time, you could also use the /fill command to place the border blocks for you in straight lines.

  • Andrew C

    I use a fill command to fill a whole area with border blocks ( /fill ~-50 0 ~-50 ~50 0 ~50 border_block), then a second command that is 1 block smaller with allow blocks (/fill ~-49 0 ~-49 ~49 0 ~49 allow) to set a perimeter.

    I probably should use /fill in straight lines, but the inability to input /commands with multiple lines makes it tedious to do.

    I would very much like this, and other world-editing features in classroom mode, or whatever CM platform comes after it.



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