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    Kyle M

    Thanks for posting Mohamed! We are exploring options at this time.

  • Hi Mohamed, can you expand on what type of feature you would like to see related to pictures? 

  • Markoe Hanson


    This is Polar Bear (a first-time poster in this community.)  Thanks, Mohamed, for starting a discussion that caught my attention when I saw it.  I'm just getting my feet wet with MEE, and Minecraft in general, but my students are active swimmers and daily I see the many clear benefits of this great learning tool.  I want to integrate their MEE experiences with other forms of creativity, especially images exported-from and imported-to MEE.  For example, images they create in Paint and Paint 3D (yes, maybe even "blockified" 3D models someday.)

    As for exporting images from MEE, I want my students to create things, photograph them, and import into PowerPoint.  I think I can do that right now with the approach:   MEE camera, export photos as a zip, unzip, insert into PowerPoint.  I haven't verified the full process, but it looks very doable with existing features.  My students clamor to give PowerPoint presentations almost as much as they clamor to "play" MEE!

    Just some thoughts..;. Thanks!
    Polar Bear


  • Isham Pett

    Hi has this feature been added yet as I really want my students to add pictures to their Minecraft worlds?





  • S Doyle

    Pictures would be a great addition. 

    The way we have gotten around this is to create an NPC, add a URL with a button, and make the URL a drive link etc to the picture that you wish to show. A workaround, but still gets the information across.


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