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My Minecraft Journey 7 & 8 missing



  • Kyle M

    Hello Stephanie Palmer,

    My Minecraft Journey” is now archived! You will retain your badge if you already achieved it, but now there is a new course, the Minecraft Teacher Academy, that you can take to get Minecraft Certified! is our new course
  • Steve Allen

    Is there any chance that access can be reactivated for those with the direct link to Lesson 7, and 8 when we complete 7? As Stephanie mentioned, not thrilled about repeating what I have already covered in order to complete an entire new course.

  • Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I had not already achieved this badge but I was a long way through the course and there were no messages saying it was about to be removed, so I was very surprised to see the 2 final parts had disappeared when I went to complete it a week or so later. Is there no way to access these final parts now as I will have wasted about 6 hours of learning and I won't be able to continue as we are coming out of lockdown and I won't have another 11 spare hours (I could just have squeezed in 2 more parts before summer). This will mean I will probably have to abandon it completely and not be able to use Minecraft in my school. This is a massive shame, especially as I have just applied to be an MIEE and am trying to push this technology to all the teachers in my school!



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