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why multiplayer is not working



  • Official comment

    Hello kartikay joshi and thanks for reaching out!

    Sorry it took a bit but just know that the support team is only here Monday-Fridays so if you post a question on the weekend we will not be able to get to it until the next business day.

    So I understand you are trying to host a multiplayer game. With Minecraft: Education Edition there are more steps required to set up multi-player than the standard Minecraft game. This is because M:EE was designed to be used inside of a class room. If you want to host a multi-player game you can but you have to set your home network up in a very specific way.

    Here is the how-to (you may want to get your family to help with this):

    Typically it is teachers that host games. However once you get your home router set up correctly then you will be able to use codes that you can send to your friends.


  • kartikay joshi

    plz vote this so we can get answers


  • kartikay joshi

    so much thank you to provide me with this information , I know that the teacher should host the game but when there is a competition , me and my friend try to do project together so we need to play multiplayer . thank you now can I ask one more question 
    question) so minecraft EE works completely different that we can conclude by it's update numbers . (normal minecraft buzzy bees 1.15 & minecraft EE buzzy bees 1.14.31 ) so there are some farms in minecraft that sometime works on glitches so minecraft EE have that glitch with that update or they are fixed because this update is launched far after buzzy bees so please answer


    now please release 1.16 in minecraft EE ,, don't wait for another update to come 
    I know when a another update will come then you will give nether update t minecraft EE


  • Ezequiel Forte

    Hello, we are testing with a team of teachers in a controlled environment. We are all PCs and with Windows 11 and 10, same educational domain and different networks. We are testing with the firewall enabled (allowing URLs, including new ones from Azure and Skype) and also without firewall (allowing everything). We noticed three issues, all reproducible with all firewall combinations, when trying to connect to a hosted world:

    1. (Intermediate) Sometimes not possible to connect at all: "loading multiplayer" for a long time.
    2. (Critical) When we manage to connect all the teachers, then, for no reason, they will all be disconnected and a "lost connection detected" banner will appear.

    3. (Critical) When we managed to connect, but a new master is trying to connect, they will all disconnect with the same "lost connection detected" sign.

  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    This is a bug that occurred with the new update. Our Dev team is addressing this, and we hope that the upcoming patch will resolve this issue. 


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