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I think I am finally done



  • Joseph Murray

    I completely understand your frustration. We've had multiple issues. I have also dealt with kids crying about the inability to continue working on their projects or to collaborate.

    It seems like MEE is a side project that simply doesn't get the necessary resources for it to be successful. I downloaded the latest version of MEE last week. I opened it today on my MacBook Pro M2, running Ventura 13.4.1. I hoped it would open and work. However, I knew there was about a 95% chance that it wouldn't. Sure enough, same thing from LAST YEAR. Ridiculous!

    Microsoft, either give the team the resources they need and take this project seriously or get rid of MEE altogether.

  • Justin Support
    Bug Zapper Support Beacon of Knowledge

    Hey Craig Kenner,

    Thank you for voicing your feedback and how frustrating this journey has been for you. It's awful to hear that these multiplayer issues have plagued you and your students for so long. I agree that we need to do better, and we're actively working to make the app work with multiplayer better across different school environments. In such efforts, we actually just released a hotfix last week to help with many of the P2P / "Unable to Connect" errors we're seeing. It is version 1.20.13. From our data, so far it's making a good impact, but we still have more work to do. 

    For these multiplayer issues you're facing, I will be honest, I have not seen an error 100 before, so I wonder if something unique is happening here, especially if it's been 5 years of no, or extremely little multiplayer connections. My initial guess typically is URLs, ports, or enabling peer to peer (these are initially blocked until IT Admins allow the app to use these). 

    Overall though, I understand that teachers don't have time to have app issues in class or troubleshoot, so I get that these disruptions are something that can't be afforded. I know you mentioned you're done, which makes sense after all you've tried. However, if you can put me in contact with your IT Admin I feel confident we can work together with them to find the source of the issue (even if it's on our side) and work to resolve it. I'll open a ticket if you'd like to provide their email there or CC them. Alternatively, you could have your IT Admin reach us at  

    From the Minecraft Education team, thank you for all you do.

  • Jack Boully

    also it keeps popping up "minecraft education isn't responding" alot fix that

  • Justin Support
    Bug Zapper Support Beacon of Knowledge

    Joseph Murray

    I see in your other posts you're encountering the Downloading Reset issue on Mac when launching the app (not necessarily multiplayer). We're investigating that currently (just spoke of it in a meeting with the devs this week). That one is a elusive as it only seems to affect a couple of Macs in a school district. With that said, our developers are still investigating a fix. From other schools we've worked with, they've said that along with possibly Jack Boully's issue are generally caused by local device antivirus "smart" settings interfering. Feel free to reach out to us at so we can investigate with you. Thank you!


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