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Code not running



  • Sarah Elliott
    Bug Zapper Super Star

    Is there anyone else in the world? I had a similar problem once and figured out that the command block was running the code on the person closest to the world coordinates 0,0,0, so I had to add a modifier to target the closest person to, in this case, the world coordinates of the tripwire hook.

  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Thanks, Sarah Elliott - there a sometimes speed issues, as well. The world seems to trip over itself with too many event commands, especially of certain types. 

    I like to add commands for debugging. What if you added another command which did not depend on the @p target? For example, you could have the first command be for the agent to say hi, or say to chat "the block says ouch!"

    This helps me, because I can tell if the event was triggered, completely apart from who it targets.


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