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Students having trouble joining a peer's world on Chromebooks...



  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    From what you describe this issue is following the students having issues from one device to another, correct? This would indicate that something on the students account is causing the issue like a policy setting or an extension. It could also be something installed on the devices like a proxy, but I would first investigate the accounts first. 

  • Judith Boyd

    Hmmm...when I do a powerwash (reset) the device gets put back on district default settings so that would clear out anything students have turned on or changed for the most part. Students are pretty restricted as to what they can add as far as extensions etc...controlled by our district safety measures.

    I went into the students' accounts to see if there was a multiplayer option being turned off etc. and didn't see anything obvious. It's puzzling...Thanks for your input though!

  • What sort of policy setting or extension? When I ask my IT admin these types of questions based on this sort of feedback (we have a similar issue) they ask me to be more specific of what to look for.


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