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NPCs stop working during classroom use



  • Justin Support
    Bug Zapper Support Beacon of Knowledge

    Hey there,

    Justin from Minecraft Education support here to assist.

    It is not unheard of for a behavior pack to have issues after a Minecraft version update. Generally, behavior packs are made for a specific version of the game. You'd want to see if there is an update of the behavior pack from the creator. If you're the creator, I can't say exactly what would need to be updated as I don't know the full extent of the behavior pack, but we also do not offer support for behavior packs (since their all very custom and can occasionally cause issues in Minecraft Education). 

    With that said, I don't believe we changed anything related to NPCs other than any changes that Bedrock's v1.19 would have brought. 

  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    This sounds more like what I was seeing others comment about in multiplayer Hosted worlds where the game seems to stop interacting properly (blocks not being placed and inventory not responding etc.)

    Seems like a connection issue where the host machine and the client machines are not fully communicating anymore and everything hangs and they can't even save/exit.

  • Micah M
    Beacon of Knowledge

    Hi Douglas Sandy,

    I have 3 ideas of what could be happening here, hopefully one of them may help you fix the issue.

    1) If you are using slash commands (for example /give or /dialogue) in 1.19 the target_type=other property was replaced with @initiator. If your NPCs were using these features to target actions back to specific players, you may need to update the slash commands to use @initiator make the NPCs start working again.

    2) If you are seeing this problems in Multiplayer, Aleece's suggestion is likely the cause - all players need to be on the same cilent version for multiplayer to work. Everyone should update to 1.19.52, the person hosting the world should restart their computer and then multiplayer should work correctly.

    3) If neither of the two above solutions fix the issue, it's possible some other change in how behavior packs or commands work in 1.19 was the cause (as Justin mentioned). If that is the cause, the Bedrock change logs ( list all changes to commands and behavior packs and you can refer to their guides on commands and command blocks to see how to update your world (


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