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Idea for minecraft chatgtp lol



  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    Thank you for sharing this in-depth idea and hopefully the Devs will add some more functionality!

  • Bryan Sanders
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star Moderator

    I agree that adding this inside the game will help usher along new creativity and possibility. 

  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    I have heard of people using chatgpt to help them with creating the .json files for their addons.

    It would be interesting if the NPCs could be interacted with via chat prompts rather than only having the option to use buttons.  Perhaps the AI could choose among the options in a dialogue file in a behavior pack.  Hats off to any Devs that manage to pull that one off in the near future.


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