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In the MakeCode tool new blocks from game are still missing (e.g. tuff, limestone, deepslate, copper ore, stalactite block, stalactite, deepslate ores etc.)



  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Hi, Pavel Bokr - it sounds like you have an exciting Minecraft experience planned! Let us know what your classroom does in the Lesson Plans section: it sounds wonderful!

    As far as coding, we had a recent thread working in Python within the MakeCode editor, placing blocks with id. I will try and see what I can do. Moving from block coding to Python is a pretty easy step in MakeCode. I would be glad to chat with you, or send along a video if I can help! 

    First I have to find out the block ids =]

    tuff = deepslate = copper ore = stalactitie block = deepslate ore = 

    *************** edit *************************

    no luck! I am not finding block ids for them. One thing I run into, and have to keep reminding myself of (even when it rankles!) is that all languages and all implementations have limits. Perhaps someone else will know more about how to access these blocks. I am unable through MakeCode or Python Azure Notebook. But I cannot get block IDs for them. They may be able to be placed by name in Python AZNB. 
    Are you willing to brainstorm a bit more about this? I am happy to help you write code in Python AZNB if that would help.

    ******************* edit 2 **********************

    code to give agent the blocks I could find:

    agent.give("Deepslate Iron ore",64)
    agent.give("Deepslate Gold ore",64,2)
    agent.give("Deepslate Diamond ore",64,3)
    agent.give("Deepslate Lapis Lazuli ore",64,4)
    agent.give("Deepslate Redstone ore",64,5)
    agent.give("Deepslate Emerald ore",64,6)
    agent.give("Deepslate Coal ore",64,7)
    agent.give("Deepslate Copper ore",64,8)
    # not finding stalactites or limestones!
  • Pavel Bokr

    Hi, Debbie Alexander thank you for help. I tried to get blocks IDs too. When I know ID or ID + data value it's no problem for me to place block with MakeCode. But I also cannot get block IDs for them.

    I don't know about Python AZNB. I haven't heard of it yet. I know only Python coding in MakeCode in Minecraft Education. Is there some documentation about Python AZNB - what is it, how to acces to it, how to run code with my Minecraft Education world and commands/functions documentation with some exmaples?

    Thank you very much!

    **************** edit ****************

    Now I'm in the Python Notebooks in Minecraft as desribed here and this code works:

    world.set(["~", "~-1", "~"], "Tuff")
    agent.teleport(["~", "~", "~"]) 
    block = agent.inspect("down")

    I think that problem is in block identifying. IMHO MakeCode internally works with numeric id of blocks. When block doesn't have numeric id it is not possible to place it with MakeCode (when I identify tuff by name air is placed - IMHO because air have ID=0). But Python Notebooks works with string id and it is possible to place tuff (even tuff doesn't have numeric id).

    But it doesn't solve my problem to enable our pupils code some geological models in MakeCode with built-in MakeCode functions like build circle from blocks. Any other idea how to enable placing these blocks (tuff etc.) by MakeCode with possibility to use predefined functions as circle?

    Your help is great for me, I tried new tool! But it is not helpful for my students - I teach on elementary school and we are using only block coding.

  • Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Wow, what a great website there heh heh - lol I'm glad my old relic helped someone. ~And I'm glad you enjoy Python Azure Notebook, too!

    Frankly, if I were teaching my elementary students about stalactites and stalagmites, I wouldn't worry about which ores they had.

    I would let them explore a world with great stuff in it. Then I might have them build a representation of them with wool or concrete. Making models is valuable, even if we don't always have the exact stuff. =]

    I would have then add book and quill comments in the world on what they found.

    And if I were looking to have them add coding, I would have them move the agent into "dangerous" parts of the exploration site, and pick up a block of diamond, or gold ore, or whatever, and then come back. If you want to brainstorm, we can always chat!

  • Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    I want to bump this thread.  It is now the 3rd update that missing blocks have not been updated to make code.
    Really a challenge to have kids try to set up a "mining" program but be unable to inspect for a whole bunch of the ores they may be interested in mining through.

    Is make code being abandoned?  I'm working with elementary students and while a few of them might be up to the task of handing text coding, Most of them still want to start with blocks and a mining program is one of the first most seem to be interested.  And most of them want to send the agent after Diamonds.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like we can inspect or detect for anything deepslate.

    Can python or javascript inspect for these?

  • Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Did the Water or Lava Blocks work before this update?  Or have those two always been useless?

    We are trying to make a stair down but we want to make sure it doesn't go through water or lava or if they do encounter water or lava, that the agent can make it safe.  However, the agent does not seem to be able to inspect for either water or lava.  When I tried to have it place either water I get the error saying it can't place flowing water.  SO, Make Code is definitely in serious need of updates where blocks are concerned.
    I spent several hours trying to figure out a work around but this is time I really don't have to spare.

  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    I have gathered everyone's findings and our own testing and sent this to the Makecode team. We mentioned it seems to not be updated even for 1.18 and are trying to push for an update. Thank you for letting us know and we will update everyone on this post when we hear more. 


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