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"World import failed"



  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Since we know nothing about the web site your are getting these custom worlds from, I can't really advise you on this.
    To import worlds into Minecraft Education Edition, they need to be Bedrock worlds from version 1.18 or lower.
    I do not know what online website you are using to covert zip files to mcworld files.

    If the world files are simply zip files of bedrock worlds of the appropriate version.  Then all you really need to do is rename the .zip file to a .mcworld file right on your computer (make sure you have set it to let you view the vile types) and if the world is really compatible with Minecraft Education then it should import.  If there is something in the world that is incompatible with Minecraft Education then the world import will fail.

    Since Minecraft Education has no control over what you are getting from other web sites, they can't "support" those things.  It is really on these other web sites to provide support for their products/services.  Here on a community forum, we are only able to help as best we can based on the information we have.  Which in this case is just guessing where/what might be wrong.  Either the custom world you downloaded is NOT compatible with Minecraft Education (whatever version you are running) OR some error was made changing the .zip to a .mcworld

  • Alena Slinko

    Good afternoon, I always transfer zip to mcworld in explorer or through Total, without any converters it always worked for me

  • Mason Mobley

    i have the same problem to because i get mods from the same website and i download them and import them in Minecraft but keeps saying Import failed

  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Do they work if you try to use them in Bedrock Edition?
    If so, then the problem may be that they are not compatible with Educaiton

    If they do not work with Minecraft Bedrock edition then the problem may be how you are converting them.
    If you are using a computer, you can use file explorer with extensions being shown.  simply rename the file form to whatever.mcworld or .mcpack or .mcaddon whatever the case may be.

    But the creators of the worlds or mods are likely not creating for Education so there is no guarantee that their stuff will be compatible and it isn't Minecraft Eduction's Job to fix the content of outside creators.

    Always be careful of our download sources and be sure to scan stuff for viruses and malicious code before you use it.


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