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can't import files



  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Knowledge Support

    Are you using Google Classroom to export to / import from?  If that's the case, can you tell us what the file extension is being changed to during this process?

  • Maxwell Petersen

    No. What I am doing Is Making a texture from Tynker and downloading it and when it pops up I double click it. It worked before I recently updated my computer. Then when I updated, It wouldn't work anymore. When I double clicked It, nothing happened. It is either a coincidence or the new ChromeOS update that is causing the problem.

  • Uzair Muhammad

    hello I have the same problem with importing mods from Tynker when I downloaded and imported it says

    this then is there anything that I can do

  • Dominick Support
    Bug Zapper Support

    We do not support Mods and that may be why the import is failing. Hopefully a community user will have an answer for you for the mods. 


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