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Wither skull disappearing


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  • Elijah Pritchett

    ooo! Sounds interesting! Did you check the textures? And what OS are you on? Windows 10, 11, 8.1? Mac OS? 

    I wonder if this is a bug!

    Here is what I might suggest (WINDOWS):

    A. Download the world and look into the files. MCWORLD's, MCPACK's and MCADDONS's can all be decompiled and disassembled on a file level, just change the file type to zip then extract.

    B. Backup the world. Easily done by exporting/downloading. I recommend doing this before doing Suggestion A.

    I am unsure if I can help you if your on other OS's, as I am not experienced in those. Did you do a good chunk of stuff done inside your world? If so, how willing are you to abandon it? You can always just use structure blocks to save a 3D model of your creations, but they cannot be exported that way.

    From, Elijah.


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