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Impossible to close dialogue box



  • Danny Support
    Beacon of Knowledge Bug Zapper Support

    Hey there!

    Thanks for the report, I checked with the test team and they are aware of a non closable dialogue box issue. No fix as of right now as they are hung up with other items, but please feel free to check back in a couple months if still no resolution by then.


  • Got it, thanks for the reply!

  • Beacon of Knowledge

    I believe I now have a solid replication of this bug if they still need some idea of what causes it. This was in version 1.19.52 so it is still present (or at least a similar issue is).

    I had an NPC (Frank) that when pressing a button, opens another dialogue from a different NPC (Fred). If Fred the NPC is 'too far away' the dialogue does not close/change, and it 'locks' and prevents closing.


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