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Students that are locked out from a world.



  • Dani Noble
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Hi Neri Bar-On

    Usually if it's just the one student here or there, in general, the following may help: 

    1. Make sure the device operating system is up to date. 

    2. Make sure they are using the most recent release of Minecraft Education Edition. 

    3. Make sure the device has been restarted properly. Many students don't restart or shutdown chromebooks and iPads very often, and weird things can happen if the devices aren't regularly rebooted. 

    What devices are the students that are having issues using? 

  • Hey, I’m also having the same problems over here and I did all of that. N O T H I N G is working?!

  • Trinity Ahie

    Yes, I am having the same problem. Before and after the most recent update.

    Their name will appear in the world, but they are not in. Sometimes, it even looks like there is a "ghost" of them in the world. It is very frustrating when we have created a "classroom" and now one student cannot join at all. I teach 3 different grade levels, and it has happened to one student from every grade level. 

    Any help would be great. 

  • Trinity Ahie

    Hello! I have found a solution. But it is not great...

    Whoever has the Microsoft portal admin access needs to delete the account, and re-add. I re-added it with a different display name (just to make sure), then changed the display name once I could join the world. 

    This is what led me to this:

    - I tried changing the email. It didn't work. 
    - I tried changing the name. It didn't work. 
    - I tried changing the display name. It didn't work.

    It seemed like the Minecraft world continues to remember the account even if the above was changed. So my two options were to either create a new account for the student, or delete the current account and re-add it. Being that we ONLY use these accounts for Minecraft, deleting and re-adding was an alright solution. Thankfully, the students use Gmail for emails. I feel sorry for students who would likely lose a lot of information because of it. There does seem to be an option to store or the information on another account when you select "delete" so maybe that's an option?

    Best I could do. And it works for me. Pretty bad that it locked my student out of this particular world and no other world. It happens about two to three times a year with different students. It is like they get "stuck" in a logged-in/logged-out stage. Strange. Minecraft really needs a fix for this. 




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