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Can you protect boards, posters, and slates?



  • J Lucas

    You can enable Adventure Mode on the map.  This prevents players from placing blocks or breaking blocks, however they can still edit the boards.

  • Debbie Alexander Community moderator
    Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Moderator

    DIno Luna - it would be nice if there were another step between a single click and total destruction! I try to keep text files of my boards so I do not have to re-type them if I accidentally destroy them! A slider to make you have to confirm destruction would be nice.

  • Aleece Landis
    Expert (Gold)

    Yea, same goes for NPCs  would be nice not to so easily accidentally destroy them.
    Definitely having a text file or spreadsheet with the text to be entered is handy to make copy/paste easier.


  • Bryan Sanders Community moderator
    Bug Spotter Minecraft Certified Beacon of Knowledge Moderator Expert (Gold)

    I have not tested this, but perhaps a deny block underneath a sign would work as well.


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