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End users cannot connect



  • Dani Noble
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Did you try restarting the computer? 

    Might also be worth checking to see if the devices are up to date with Windows updates. 

  • Terry Yuan

    I tried it on my laptop with WIN10 and WIN11 system, the system was updated. These laptops can connect normally until March 18.

  • Pucheng Mao

    hi, Terry Yuan :

    I guess you are in mainland China. 

    If you are there, I think a vpn router can slove this problem.

    Since March, it has been more difficult to log in. I am forced to use a vpn network for my course...

  • Terry Yuan

    Hi Pucheng Mao,

    You're right, but i need to have the IP range of the authentication login server so I can add them to the VPN.


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