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Alphanumeric and code syntax blocks



  • Barri Mock

    Completely agree! This would and should be available within normal inventory as standard for EE. This would offer so many meaninful learning options. A fantastic suggestion.

  • Bryan Sanders Community moderator
    Bug Spotter Minecraft Certified Beacon of Knowledge Moderator Expert (Gold)

    Cool concept! If we can make one alphabet, we can make them all.

  • Barbara Seaton

    Thanks for suggesting this Debbie! I have the math world and love those blocks for supporting math investigations and showing understanding of mathie concepts but it would be soooo much easier if they were always available! I like the letters idea as well, a bit easier to support with the built in writing tools - posters, boards etc but what an asset!

  • Barri Mock

    I have recently found a way to hack an alphabet (latin) into EE, but still agree 100% with this post! Any meaningful edu updates to EE need to include alphabet blocks, numbers and basic math signs as default inventory! Surely it's not that hard to achieve?? Come on team! It's EDUCATION EDITION. 👍

  • Mr Grace

    can you share your hack. Cambridge English Minecraft sever is amazing and I would love to be able to emulate their word puzzles for my students in my world

  • Debbie Alexander Community moderator
    Bug Spotter Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Moderator

    Thanks for the upvotes for this idea! It is possible to add resource packs to add the feature. However, many users have had poor experience with add-ons and would rather stick to the regular game. Plus, it's an educational game; it should have educational features to help teachers!

  • Alfonso Gonzalez

    Great idea!

  • Simon Luxford-Moore

    I would love to see this added too please. Hugely engaging for younger users too. Thanks.  


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