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Minecraft Education Edition won't load


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  • Kara Lauterbach

    I have posted about how MC:EE won't load for me or others in my district, whether on student or teacher accounts, on Monday.  I need this fixed.  You all are the most powerful code wizards in the world and we haven't been able to use the MC:EE all week district wide.

    PLEASE HELP BEFORE OUR DISTRICT LOSES FAITH AND STOPS USING YOUR PROGRAMS.  Oldham County Public Schools really need help from someone who can tell us why NONE of us can access the program from our desktops or chromebooks (all using windows 10 and fully up to date chrome browsers).  We have loved using MC:EE for years and now that could all change if this doesn't get fixed.

    HELP US Obe-Wan Kenobe.  You're our only hope.  My students love building and coding in your program.  They all ask for the Java and bedrock editions on their home systems at birthdays and Christmas.  Business in OC is good for you all.  Keep things running with us please.


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