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why can't i connect to my friend's world from home?



  • same for me it is making me mad i must play MINECRAFT



  • Zachary Neal

    I have had this problem before too here are some ways that may fix it


    check your internet: if your internet symbol in your taskbar has a yellow triangle or a * next to it try restarting your router 

    Just try again: just retry entering the code and connecting to their world

    Doing a computer restart: safely restart your computer

    Restarting Minecraft: sometimes MECC has some problems and they are working on it so just close Minecraft and reopen it

    Switching host: have your friend give you the world and you host it or the current host just presses the Stop hosting button and starts hosting again

  • That one guy without a cool name

    I'm playing on a laptop, and I play on wifi, but I know I do have internet, because my wifi symbol appears to be just fine. Other than that, I've tried everything else D:


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