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How do I record a a game in Minecraft EE



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    Adrian Quirk

    Bryan is correct! The game client itself does not have the ability to record the game but there are many third party game recorders out there. I would just start searching and find one that will work best for your setup!

  • Dan Noble Community moderator
    Expert (Gold) Moderator

    There are various Microsoft products that support video/audio capture that you may already have access to: Stream, PowerPoint and the Windows 10 Game Bar. 

    Additionally, the Windows 10 Photo Editor has a wonderfully designed and easy to use Video editor built into it. 

  • Chris Fuge Community moderator
    Expert (Gold) Moderator

    The windows game bar was super easy for us, and seemed to provide one of the smoothest recordings. Just press Windows button + G while in the game and it pops right up.


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