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How do I record a a game in Minecraft EE



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    Adrian Quirk

    Bryan is correct! The game client itself does not have the ability to record the game but there are many third party game recorders out there. I would just start searching and find one that will work best for your setup!

  • Dan Noble Community moderator
    Expert (Gold) Moderator

    There are various Microsoft products that support video/audio capture that you may already have access to: Stream, PowerPoint and the Windows 10 Game Bar. 

    Additionally, the Windows 10 Photo Editor has a wonderfully designed and easy to use Video editor built into it. 

  • Chris Fuge Community moderator
    Beacon of Knowledge Expert (Gold) Moderator

    The windows game bar was super easy for us, and seemed to provide one of the smoothest recordings. Just press Windows button + G while in the game and it pops right up.


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