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Space dimension



  • Official comment


    I love your enthusiasm and ideas to expand the Minecraft: Education Edition universe! We are always trying to find new ways to inspire and educate our users and appreciate all the suggestions from our community members!

  • Isaac Linn

    I'm not sure how a using a space dimension to go between planets would work (it would be so large and spaced out!), but I do think it'd be very interesting to have customizable dimensions (including a spacelike one), with different gravity rules for blocks (blocks above build height floating away, or non-sand-like blocks sinking due to higher gravity), different daylight cycles and weather, or different colors, like in the Java infinite update; that would be fun for learning about different planets!

  • Fabian van

    A better way to implement this would be the ability to make worlds with physics rules like gravity daylight cycle or sky colors for teachers to create custom environments. The next level is to make a big space world in the library with it's own addon for space themed items and textures to explore the universe.


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