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Make Mods available for Minecraft: Education Edition



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    Kyle M

    Answer: Although Minecraft: Education Edition isn't compatible with game Mods, there are many ways you can enhance your experience in the game.  Check out our coding lessons to learn how to create your own stories and games!

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  • Thomas

    How do you download mods on minecraft education edition


  • Lachlan McGuire

    you can't download mods to Education Edition 

  • Katie Kim

    there's a website, you can downloads maps, mods, skin packs, etc. it's compatible with minecraft education edition and it's safe to use.

  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Knowledge Support

    @... thank you for the info!  All worlds that have been approved for use with Minecraft: Education Edition can be found on our lessons page and a subset of them are in the Library in-game.  While MCPEDL is a legitimate marketplace partner for Minecraft Bedrock, externally hosted ads and content presented on their site can contain threats.  Also, since Minecraft: Education Edition tends to run a version or so behind Bedrock it's very possible that the mods you download won't run on Minecraft: Education Edition.

  • Wyatt Jaggers

    you can get minecraft addons but not minecraft mods.

  • Wyatt Jaggers

    does mcpedl mods have a virus?

  • Sunshine D

    Go to or if the link doesn't work type Tynker in the search box on Google, Bing, or Chrome to go to a website you can code and make mods. But remember, You need a account to make and download mods. You can download mods from the people all over the world. You will not get a virus.

  • Chrissi Shepherd

    Sunshine D Tynker does not work to get mods or skins into Minecraft Education but the way it let's you do mods is create mods and you can create a Minecraft Java server if you have Java Edition too and then follwo instructions

  • Kingston Elijio

    i want world edit to be esyer like // give @s wond

  • Flame Flame

    I understand why you do not want mods, however mods will probably help students learn. You can have a coding lesson or template for teachers to use for creating custom items and blocks because lets say they are learning about math, the teacher can code in a custom item (lets say the number 1) that can be used with + and another number. Furthermore, you can use them in premade worlds such as the Oregon trail and add "sack of beans" to show what they were bringing on the trip.


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