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Assigning licenses to users



  • iLearningUK

    You must have office 365 accounts for Minecraft EE to authenticate against and enable the students to log in.
    Your IT department should be able to provision Office365 accounts for students as they are free to create. The students will need an email address to generate an account though.

    An alternative is to create generic email accounts for small classes, link them to office365 accounts and then assign the MinecraftEE licences to them.
    Doing it this way allows you to reuse the MinecraftEE logins without having to generate accounts for all users. The only drawback is you must keep the password secure and log each client in yourself as you cant give the passwords out to the students.
  • Karen Cordova
    Okay, I think your alternative might work, because we only have 8 students to accommodate. I can handle the generic e-mails, but how do you link them to office365 accounts? Can they all be linked to my account? I don't mind logging them in...

  • Karen Cordova
    I think the alternative option might work, since I only have 8 students. I know how to create the generic e-mail accounts, but I am not sure about linking them to Office365. Could they be linked to my account, or would there still need to be additional Office365 accounts?

    Thank you for your help with this.

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