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Expand Minecraft Education's Music Learning Capabilities



  • Kyle M

    This is great feedback, thank you!

  • Johnathon



    I know I can't expect progress without other teachers and other community members getting in on the conversation. But if you have any logistical questions reguarding how best to implement this from a music teachers perspectice we have a team here happy to answer all the questions.

    Ideally we're hoping that we can lower the bar for entry, specifically it can be hard telling kids to "hit" a block 11 times to get an A, and they won't understand what that means, from our approach we were hoping that if you interacted with a Noteblock you'd get a choice of choosing what note, and instrament it would play, then ideally either add something like a rythm block where we can set delays (whatever the music delay is called) so it's much easier then teaching music theory.

  • Bob Irving

    Can we get some feature parity with other versions of Minecraft in terms of different instruments? I didn't go through all of the blocks (!), but I know M:EE doesn't have maybe half of what BE or Java has. I'd also like to see some sort of reference document for what blocks make which sounds, etc.

    I've had students do some noteblock projects, and it's definitely a cool feature. Let's see more support!


  • Penny Support
    Bug Zapper Super Star Beacon of Knowledge Support

    Minecraft Education is based on the Minecraft Bedrock codebase, however we normally run about one full version behind the Bedrock production version. When we start work on our next release, we adopt the latest version of Bedrock possible based on their production cycle and how it fits into ours, taking into account the stability of the release. We do this to ensure the best experience for our users.

    Our next release will contain many of the new Bedrock features that are live today!


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