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Login Issue 1.14.31?



  • Official comment

    Hey kate norris 

    Thanks for reaching out. I saw your ticket and responded on there. Just in case anyone else has this error you can check out this article on how to fix it:

  • Penny Support Team

    Hi Peter Knierim - please open a support request by clicking the gear next to your post and selecting Create a Ticket.  Please provide these details so we can troubleshoot further:

    • What device are you playing on?
    • What OS version are you running?
    • Attach any screenshots and exact error messages if possible
  • Penny Support Team

    Hi Peter Knierim - thanks for the info.  I've created a ticket on your behalf and you should hear back soon from the support desk.

  • Peter Knierim

    Thanks so much.

  • kate norris

    I seem to have the same problem as Peter.Please can you help? Internet is connected.  Is the problem caused by the diffrence between my microsoft account email and my school email address? lenovo PC, Windows 10. thanks


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