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Save the Oceans Lesson Improvement



  • Debbie Alexander
    Moderator Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Good question! I haven't tried this world yet. Can you actually follow the device? It is real thing that moves in the ocean, or just an indicator kind of deal?

    Great suggestion. At the least, adding a written response of this kind is a super addition to the lesson, whether as a Board in the game, or a digital response outside of the game, in the meantime.

  • The students can follow the device as it moves into the ocean and you do see the trash that is there slowly disappear but that is just a preprogrammed animation, which don't get me wrong, the students think is super cool. I would love for them to have a 3rd button to press to return their ship back to the dry dock so they can improve it, make changes, etc. Right now the only two buttons they have are to send the ship when finished, or a reset to close the dry dock and start over from 0. 

    Thanks for your response and if there is anything else I can or should do to help suggest this change, please let me know.


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