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World deleted



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    I am so terribly sorry to hear this, really. Unfortunately since the worlds are stored locally only, there is no way that we can recover it from our end.

    This could be a step you can try, but fair warning the chances of recovery are low:

    If the files are still on the device, they would be in a folder called "minecraftWorlds".  Since the file paths can vary on different Chromebook devices, you can search for this folder in your Files app.  Make sure to click on the vertical dots in the top right and select "Show hidden files" and "Show all Play folders" to make sure your search is pulling up the right result

    The tricky part of this is that the world folders are listed with a "GUID", which is a series of letters and numbers that don't correlate to the world name that you'd recognize.  Here what I would suggest finding the world and see if you can still open it:

    1. sort the minecraftWorlds folder by date and try to pinpoint the time you were last in the world
    2. open the folder that has a date/time close to the last time you were in the world
    3. open the file called "levelname.txt" in a text editor to see the name of the world.  If it's the world you are looking for, close the file and move to the next step
    4. copy the entire folder for this world to your desktop, or another convenient location
    5. Right-click the folder, and then select "Zip selection". 
    6. A zip file will appear under the folder selection.
    7. Rename the .zip file to "[WORLDNAME].mcworld" - WORLDNAME is a name you choose that is recognizable to you
    8. Double click on this file, and Minecraft: Education will launch

    For very important worlds, it's a great idea to export and save your worlds frequently. 

    The only other thing I can think of is that maybe somewhere along the line the world was emailed or copied somewhere and you can reload it from there?

    Again, terribly sorry to hear that and all the best to you and her. 

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