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Minecraft addons



  • Elijah Pritchett

    Addons/Mods for Bedrock edition are somewhat compatible with Minecraft Edu. Not all, but some. Do mind that addons are not supported due to them causing instability with the software. Do export worlds as a backup before you put in addons. Because some could corrupt the software entirely.

    And make sure that the addons is available/compatible for your software's version or lower versions. after sign in you will see the Client version on the bottom right corner.

    I use Tynker for mods/addons, and it works well. Do pick wisely, and back up your worlds before adding in any mods/addons!

    (Software as mention is Minecraft Education.)

  • Aleece Landis
    Bug Zapper Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    Experimental gameplay is not made easily available to Education because it is designed for use in a school environment where the IT personnel are really not wanting to deal with students "importing" things that have not been tested in the school's systems.

    There may be ways to do it, However, they don't want to encourage students to be trying these things which could endanger the educational environment.

    Most teachers just trying to use MCEE for classes don't need supersizes of some students devices not working as they are supposed to because some addon has changed things or because some one has created the world using an experimental  toggle that doesn't actually work properly with education edition.  So they removed the ability for education edition to access the experimental toggles.


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