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Creating a world that represents a map?



  • Hello! Luckily, the Minecraft community expands beyond the education edition, and there are some tools that can help you with that.

    The first solution is if you use this tool. Where you can find the place you're looking for and export is as a Minecraft: Education Edition world. Make sure you export it in the correct version.

    Another solution is if you use World Painter. Which requires download and requires a little bit more work in order to get the result you want, but it's more easily customizable. In both cases you can change the world type and version using Chunker .

    I hope you find the solution you are looking for in some of these. Please, let me know how that goes.

  • Jason Kries
    Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    I might be able to help you with that!

    How large do you picture the map being?

    If you give me a rough estimate (in blocks), I can work something up for you and you can see if you can use it.

  • Jason Kries
    Beacon of Knowledge Super Star

    I've never come across that map exporter that Konstantinos Roumpas shared!

    That is cool!  I just spent 10 minutes walking around my town in Minecraft... 😊😊😊

    I will have to try the other tools as well.

    I do wish Minecraft would publish some official world-building tools for teachers and other creators...

  • Mark Vincent

    Thank you both for the additional information and support.

    This is all new learning for me and I will certainly endeavor to try and figure out how to do the this using some of the guides and tools suggested.

    Jason Kries - Thank you for the offer. I do not know how big the map should be? In terms of the learning from this sequence of lessons the main output is students thinking about the Human and Physical geography elements of different Cities in Taiwan and being very mountainous here the students can really identify with that.

    If the map is going to be the island of Taiwan (this of course does not need to be to scale) it needs to ideally be able to have the following.

    - Enough space for 4 classes to have different areas to work on (Not all at the same time)

    - Nothing too complex for iPads 

    - Grade 3 Students

    - The map could be flat as the children themselves can build in the features?

    I am open to suggestions as this is something I and the team are excited to spearhead in the New Year. Previously, we have explored world cuisine in Minecraft and because that went down well and the teachers saw the benefit we want to continue nurturing the platform at all levels of planning.


    Thanks all,




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